What a joy and what a day as we celebrated God’s goodness and guidance for the 30 years of training new workers for the field. Together with many supporters and friends, ACTI held the anniversary on 22nd May 2015 along with the graduation of 12 graduates.


Asian Cross-Cultural Training Institute

ACTI has trained more than 315 cross-cultural missionaries and workers who are now serving in Asia and Africa. Our mission is to equip cross-cultural workers for churches and mission agencies working in Asia and beyond.


Our graduates are from S. Korea (34%), Hong Kong (15%), Taiwan (8%), Singapore (13%), other Asian countries (25%) and Western countries (5%). Through a multi-cultural residential program, ACTI seeks to impart the knowledge, skills and character formation needed for cross-cultural workers to be effective in their future ministries.

What is ACTI Training?

ACTI provides cross-cultural missions knowledge and training for missionary candidates and cross-cultural workers who are preparing for ministry in a foreign culture.

Why ACTI Training is Suitable for you?

At ACTI, prospective cross-cultural Christian workers from across the world meet the real challenges of cross-cultural living, staying in places of training at Chiang Mai / Bangkok and in Cosmopolitan Singapore.

Formal lectures give strategic information about various aspects of the world of missions, while hands-on workshops offer skill development. Through the community life, trainees learn first-hand about the intricacies of interpersonal relationships, stress management, raising and keeping a missionary family together, and above all, practicing true discipleship.

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