Asian Cross-Cultural Training Institute

ACTI has trained more than 315 cross-cultural missionaries and workers who are now serving in Asia and Africa. Our mission is to equip cross-cultural workers for churches and mission agencies working in Asia and beyond.


Our graduates are from S. Korea (34%), Hong Kong (15%), Taiwan (8%), Singapore (13%), other Asian countries (25%) and Western countries (5%). Through a multi-cultural residential program, ACTI seeks to impart the knowledge, skills and character formation needed for cross-cultural workers to be effective in their future ministries.

What is ACTI Training?

ACTI provides cross-cultural missions knowledge and training for missionary candidates and cross-cultural workers who are preparing for ministry in a foreign culture.

Why ACTI Training is Suitable for you?

At ACTI, prospective cross-cultural Christian workers from across the world meet the real challenges of cross-cultural living, staying in places of training at Chiang Mai / Bangkok and in Cosmopolitan Singapore.

Formal lectures give strategic information about various aspects of the world of missions, while hands-on workshops offer skill development. Through the community life, trainees learn first-hand about the intricacies of interpersonal relationships, stress management, raising and keeping a missionary family together, and above all, practicing true discipleship.

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