Every Re-Entry retreat brings in a new dimension. In this retreat, there were more than 70 in attendance – with 32 adults and 18 TCKs being first timers at such a retreat. Although many were meeting each other for the first time, yet within the next few hours, friendships were being formed and a relaxed atmosphere permeated with very personal anecdotes of each person’s experiences being shared openly. We thanked God that through very open sharing by those facilitating, others just followed suit, sharing their struggles as well as the challenges in coming back to Singapore. We trust that those who came will be encouraged, learned a little more on resettling and for those, with kids, excel in all fronts as they settle into this little Red Dot.

2018 Re-Entry Retreat is Coming Soon – 13th/14th Oct Weekend

We bring the 5th Edition of the Re-Entry Retreat for all those returning from the field. Please register as soon as possible and we look forward to seeing many of you – sharing and encouraging each other in our return to Singapore. This retreat is great for your children who have returned back from the field as it is a place of community for the TCKs to gel and get to know each other. The theme this year is MRT: Memories, Recharge and Thrive. Looking forward to seeing many of you.

REPORT: 4th Edition-2017 RE-ENTRY RETREAT 

More than 20 adults and 10 TCKs joined us for the first time on 30/9-1/10 weekend with around 20 other helpers coming to make this a memorable retreat for those who returned from cross-cultural work. Many have attested to the profitable sessions as well as the camaraderie spirit since all have gone through similar experiences. This yearly retreat is a special event for those who returned back to Singapore.

Here are some of their expressions:

“Able to understand the state that I am in.”

“To know how TCK go through the integration in the host country.”

“Thank God for having different discussions & sharings of personal lives and ministries out on the field and good speakers for each session.”

“New inspiration for another direction with confidence.”

RE-ENTRY RETREAT 2017: 30 Sep -1 Oct Weekend

ACTI, together with TCK Care Fellowship and other mission groups have started a yearly Re-Entry Retreat since 2014. This is a retreat catering primarily to cross-cultural workers and missionaries, along with their children to help them smooth their entry into Singapore’s lifestyle and culture. This minimises the reverse culture shock which many returning missionaries are experiencing.

Run as a weekend retreat, it brings together cross-cultural workers from churches and mission agencies. For 2017, the dates are confirmed.

Date: 30th Sep – 1st Oct 2017
Place: 2, Cluny Road, Singapore.

For those who are interested, here is the brochure below and please write to:
The Administrator (Mrs Soon Nyuk Choo)

REPORT: 3rd Edition of RE-ENTRY RETREAT: 15-16 Oct 2016 Weekend

The turnout for this 3rd Re-Entry Retreat, organised by ACTI, TCK Care Fellowship and other mission agencies was the biggest, with 65 adults and TCKs along with the facilitators. Most of them have settled back into Singapore and many of them could easily relate to each other although they do not know each other.

The TCKs, (30 of them) have a separate program which helped them through in their adjustment back into Singapore society. The teens led all of us in a time of worship and we are so encouraged to see them serving the Lord through worship, using their musical gifts!

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