48th Intake Graduation – March 2019

This intake has the privilege of seeing many contacts during their course experiencing the salvation of the Lord. It is a joy to be with this intake as they travelled to Chiang Rai to be with a group of Myanmar believers in the Thai/Myanmar border. And it is a joy to see these eight graduates which will head up to different countries to bring the good news to the nations. Dr David Tan, Wycliffe National Director was the speaker and his message has been of such great encouragement to these graduates. Congratulations to all graduates!!

47th Intake Graduation – April 2018

It is rare to speak at a Graduation service in which your own daughter and son-in-law were amongst the graduates. This happened on the 12th April 2018 when Rev Kim Chong Pae, who was a former dean of ACTI, speaking and exhorting his daughter, Eun Hee and son-in-law, Note, together with 14 other graduates to heed God’s CALLing in knowing who they are and the message that they are bringing to the world. It was a fun-filled evening with a “Bollywood” styled dance with a Christian song accompaniment. We thanked God for successfully guided the 16 trainees to be God’s servants to be sent out to the world.


46th Intake Graduation – Sep 2017

The biggest intake in recent years with 13 trainees graduated on 29th Sep 2017 with Dr. Jennie Fung as the speaker. Her inspiration message, along with her testimony as a former medical doctor to a South Asian country really resonated with all of us as we are reminded of the need to wait and obey the Lord instead of fulfilling our ambitions.

It was a joy to have Dr. Thang (Training Director) and Ching (Trainer) travelling to Singapore to join in this graduation after being with the trainees for 4 weeks in Chiang Mai.

May the the joy and the strength of the Lord go with each of the graduates as they go out to serve in cross-cultural settings.


45th Intake Training & Graduation – Feb-Mar 2017

What a joy it was to see 9 trainees joined this intake and finished with a wonderful graduation service on 31 March. The training in Chiang Mai opened up their eyes to see the needs of different types of people – the poor, the HIV, the religious people as well as to learn business in different societies. Although there were some injuries during the Games Day with DTC, but nothing will stop these graduates as they prepare themselves to be blessings to other peoples around the world.


44th Intake Graduation – Oct 2016

Five graduates were challenged by Daniel Wong, the Chairman of the ACTI Board, to follow Paul, who being motivated by Christ’s love, went all out to share the message of God’s love. He asked them to live their life as a message of God’s love, not tailored to please men, but to finish their race so as to win the prize. Indeed, these graduates have embarked on to their respective field to share God’s wondrous love and discipling those who come under their care.



43rd Intake Graduation – April 2016

It is wonderful to see 8 graduates from 5 different countries, going to 6 different countries, equipped and commissioned at ACTI’s graduation on 1st April 2016. Ready, set and go!

Michelle’s Testimony: ACTI – A Course That Inspires!  “I can proclaim the LORD’s goodness for giving me the opportunities to hear, learn & witness His love & mighty works through the lives of missionaries, ACTI coordinators & trainees who impacted my life!

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42nd Intake Graduation – Oct 2015

Capturing the joy and the excitement of these 6 graduates who have studied together, prayed together, ministered together and graduating together with their friends and well-wishers on 16 October 2015. Congratulations!

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ACTI Celebrates 30th Anniversary & 41st Intake’s Graduation – May 2015

What a joy and what a day as we celebrated God’s goodness and guidance for the 30 years of training new workers for the field. Together with many supporters and friends, ACTI held the anniversary on 22nd May 2015 along with the graduation of the 41st Intake of 12 graduates.







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