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ACTI – Asian Cross-Cultural Training Institute



ACTI, leveraging on the 35 years of experience in training as well as keeping abreast with mission trends in view of the constant socio-political and religious changes in the world, aims to serve the churches and mission agencies with pre-field preparation of their cross-cultural workers.

Through a multi-cultural residential program, ACTI seeks to impart cross-cultural knowledge & skills and character formation needed for cross-cultural workers to be effective in their future ministries. This is where the calling of ACTI  –  preparing cross-cultural workers to meet the challenges of crossing cultures by effectively equipping and training them on 30 topics by a team of 24 trainers and lecturers.


*Equipping of Cross-Cultural Workers

We take training seriously and thus are willing to have 24 lecturers/trainers to work with the trainees. Taking the approach of learning being learned best through training and walking with mentors, we developed this training to be interactive and practical issues being widely discussed and dissected. We welcome trainees from all over the world – Asians, Westerners and other parts of the world. Training takes place in Chiang Mai and in Singapore.

   Training & Trainers

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*Re-Entry Retreat for Cross-Cultural Workers & Families

Together with member-care practitioners from other agencies and churches, ACTI has partnered closely to help cross-cultural workers and their families returning to Singapore or Malaysia to resettle well into their country. Knowing the many difficulties faced by returning cross-cultural workers and more often, their children, this group of volunteers have organised yearly a retreat to cater to this group as well as to those coming for a longer time in their home country before embarking on their next journey or for those back for Home Assignment. These retreats have been refreshing and a key to make good friends who are in the same situation. Many TCK (Third Culture Kids) have found a niche amongst those who have experienced the same phenomena and they have been meeting regularly throughout the year.

For those who are returning and may need debriefing for themselves and their children, please do contact us and we will see what we can help in this area. For those returning from the field, you are warmly welcome to join us at the Re-Entry Retreat at 2, Cluny Road, just opposite the beautiful Botanic Gardens, Singapore.

   Re-Entry Retreat

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*Partnering for the Expansion of God’s Kingdom

The scene in world missions is rapidly changing and expanding and we believe in partnering with churches, mission agencies and other mission-minded organisations to power on to see God’s Kingdom established. For that, ACTI partners with different groups, such as training and facilitating new training areas in different countries in their own language context, as well as training nationals or teams, such as the LoveJapan project, spearheaded by Love Singapore network. We see ourselves as being a part of the body to work and partner together with others to see trainings and discipleship of the nations. We welcome any initiatives to see God’s Kingdom being established.