Equipping Cross-Cultural Workers for Asia and the World

ACTI offers a 3 week residential missions pre-field, cross-cultural equipping and coaching program for missionary candidates and cross cultural workers.

Why train with ACTI?


Expert Trainers and Lecturers

24 trainers and lecturers who come from many different countries and mission agencies. All our lecturers are practitioners in the mission field and teach and coach from their wealth of extensive missionary experiences.


Insightful Modules with Actionable Lessons

A list of 30 Modules have been insightfully curated to equip and empower you with practical tools and actionable plans to adapt cross-culturally and thrive on the field.


The Master Plan

The aim of this 3 week program is to help you evaluate the current state of your cross-cultural awareness, learn strategies, gain new insights and implement it all into a Focus Plan which can be used as a guide towards your 1st months/ years on the field. The Focus Plan is also a strategic tool you may use to articulate your mission and goals to your church leaders.

Module favorites

Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

A beginning point of understanding your cross-cultural journey is realising that you don’t know what you don’t know. Centred around David Livermore’s book, Cultural Intelligence: Improving Your CQ To Engage Our Multicultural World, we will explore how you see your home culture in relation to the one you are about to engage...(read more in Course Synopsis)


How can we be sure the Gospel we preach is culturally unbiased? How can believers of our ministry field express their faith without appearing “foreign”? Contextualisation deals with these issues in such a way that the unchangeable truths should be planted in the target culture, aiming at relevancy to it, seeking its sanctification, avoiding syncretism.... (read more in Course Synopsis)

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Honor & Shame

A blind spot of most missionaries when they are presenting the gospel to a collective culture that notably gravitates towards face and filial piety. ......This module facilitates those wanting to reframe the gospel in a suitable and appropriate medium so that the recipient clearly understands without cultural barriers.

Serving Mission Agencies and Churches since 1984

Almost 40 years of cross-cultural training and partnering to see Missionaries thrive and fulfill their calling in the field.

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