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  • The Impact of ACTI Graduates in Missions – Louis Lau

Here is a blog on five stories from recent graduates of ACTI, making an impact in the world of missions…..

A grandmother making waves in Thailand

‘In the two-and-a-half years since I came to Chiang Rai, we have baptised 36 people and in August 2018, another five will be baptized,’ Pannee said excitedly.

belinda-family  The Education of Asian MKs – Belinda Ng

The education of MKs continues to be a great challenge. With the centre of gravity moving towards Asia, missiologically speaking, and with the increasing number of missionary families coming from the majority world, the challenges before us today [….continue]


Understanding the Emotional Needs of TCKs and How to Support Them

By: The Chews

 1) Introduction

From the beginning of our relationship, we were very clear about God’s call for us to serve Him in the mission field. We knew that our desire would be to serve God as a family in another culture. However, after having our two daughters, we realized the implication our decision would have on them […continue]

justin-friendsTCKs: Children of the World – By Justin Lau

“Do you know who has an identity crisis? As TCKs, all of you do. All of you have a problem.”

No, we don’t. Who are you to tell us we have a problem?

That was my natural reaction to the adults who lectured us regarding ‘the Third Culture Kid (TCK) issue’ during school. Granted, those were not the exact words said to us, but that was certainly what my friends […continue]