English Enrichment Course for Missions (EECM)

(Course Length of 1-month, 3-month and 6-month)*
This EECM is supplementary to the ACTI Course which is conducted in English Language.  Therefore to benefit from the ACTI course, trainees who are not proficient in English will have to attend the EECM ahead of the ACTI Course.  After completion of the EECM trainees will continue with the ACTI Course. The tuition fees and cost of accommodation and food will be worked out separately for trainees according to the duration of English Language studies needed. This EECM is conducted in Chiang Mai. Please contact us for further details.

*Note that ACTI does not arrange for EECM for those who do not intend to enrol for the ACTI Course

Venue: Chiang Mai