In the last three years, Covenant Evangelical Free Church in Singapore, which has over 5,000 people in its congregations has sent 11 of their missionaries and missions appointees to ACTI to be better equipped for cross-cultural missions. The church is well known for and its Intentional Discipleship Making Conferences in Singapore. Using this experience, they have embarked on a partnership with ACTI to get their missionaries trained to play a strategic role in world missions in many parts of Asia. Kat, the first of the 11 that came to ACTI, shares, “we have learnt many valuable lessons from the practitioners in the field and have certainly been equipped in our preparation to go to the field. Most of us are already in or will be going to the field in the Asia region, working with churches in their discipleship and disciple-making process.’ Praise God for how He uses ACTI to equip his people to be sent to further equip local Christians in various regions for the kingdom of God to grow within and beyond their borders.

By Louis Lau

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