Crossing Cultures Series 2:

23rd and 30th July 2022

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Synopsis of Modules:

  1. Worldview and Intercultural Communications by Daniel Jesudason

As we move from one culture to another, we encounter different ways of thinking and understanding the world. Many of these differences stem from one’s world view and values. We will explore how to understand the foundation of a new culture, ways of learning a new culture and appropriately adjusting to the new culture, as well as dealing with the stresses of entering a new culture.

Mission experiences are full of blunders in communication, and some may hinder the success of the mission itself. This session will not only cover the various dimensions but will also demonstrate how you could place your own culture in relation to the host culture on a scale of 1 to 10 for each cultural paradigm. This mapping will help you to focus on aspects of likely cultural clash and shock so that cross cultural communication is not undermined by a lack of insight and wisdom that can lead to misunderstanding and miscommunication of our true heart and intent. 

2. BAM (Business as Missions) by Kat Mah

Business has a God-given power and potential to impact the world and to transform communities for a greater good. In this course, you will understand God’s redemptive work through business and missional entrepreneurs around the world being mobilised for the kingdom, overcoming the sacred-secular divide. There are huge untapped business resources globally that can be used for God’s greater impact. Understand all about business as mission (BAM) and how to get started or support a BAM business with your expertise and skills in the country God has called you to serve. Learn how to equip, empower and disciple others while managing a business in the field. Discover more about BAM – an exciting platform to reach, teach and disciple the nations.

3. Gen Z Ministries by Joyce Jow

Generation Z (b. 1999-2015) is already shaping the world and the church. They are transracial, transgender, and trans-commercial. They have never known life without the internet, and they are prone to greater depression and loneliness. How do we reach this generation with the gospel and instill biblical truth into their hearts? We will discuss what makes this generation unique and how we can adapt to connect with them.

4. Boundaries and Transitions by Chris Lau

This course examines the importance of practicing healthy boundaries in missions for the benefit of oneself and the people one works with. This is especially crucial when the needs, expectations and demands of cross-cultural missions work are high and one can easily become overloaded and overwhelmed with stresses. The course will include discussions on the practice of good boundaries as well as checks and reflections on how each is faring in setting boundaries. 

Transitions are inevitable and challenging. This course will explore different types of transitions and how missionaries can navigate these transitions in the midst of ministry and life on the field. Understanding transitions and having a good perspective of transitions will help one be better prepared to face the many challenges and  changes in cross-cultural work and life. There will be opportunities to share personal experiences and lessons learnt.

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ACTI COURSE: Sept 2022, 54th Batch

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