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Date: 20 Jan 2019

The Impact of ACTI Graduates in Missions

Here is a blog on five stories from recent graduates of ACTI, making an impact in the world of missions…..

A grandmother making waves in Thailand

‘In the two-and-a-half years since I came to Chiang Rai, we have baptised 36 people and in August 2018, another five will be baptized,’ Pannee said excitedly.


Date: 1 March 2018

A Collaboration with OMF International ServeAsia to organise LAUNCH

It has been a dream for the OMF International ServeAsia leader, Andrea Roldan to get as many ServeAsia workers to be trained adequately before beginning their 6-12 months of ministry in different fields in Asia.

That dream became a reality!!

From 18 Jan to 15 Feb 2018, a group of 12 participants were able to learn from mentors and lecturers, discover what God is doing in East Asia, connect with other SA workers whom they will remember for life, be equipped with the tools and a masterplan for them to work from and ready to serve the people with a prepared heart, mind and hands.

It was an incredible journey as each of them shared their learning experiences. We thank God for this wonderful collaboration with OMF International ServeAsia in which we can play a part in their planning, training and counselling during our 12 days with them.